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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Almost 4 months and we are sick.

Here it is Super Bowl Sunday and my two boys are asleep on the couch together. Grant it the game is not on yet, but it has been a tough weekend for them.

Lil B woke up on Friday morning with a snotty nose and it continued to get worse throughout the day. By Friday night, his fever was inching it's way to 102 and hubs was sniffing and blowing his nose. Looks like I was headed towards a weekend of playing nurse. Not at all what I had planned. Earlier in the week, my weekend was planned to contain a Friday of scrapbooking with the girls, a wedding shower for a friend, and Sunday a Superbowl Party. But momma duties called and I responded.

Lil B is feeling much better. He even smiled the entire time he was battling the cold. What a trooper he is. I am relieved he is feeling better. I don't mind the sniffles, but when the fever keeps going up and there is no sleep, I begin to worry.

Now the waiting begins...Does the nurse get sick?

I owe you a meme, and I certainly have some new momma stories to tell, but they will have to wait, as Lil B has decided that the 2 hour nap this morning was just fine and 15 minutes in the afternoon is all he needs.