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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Penny for your thoughts...

I feel that we are in the final count downs before the Little Guy joins us. So many things are going through my head as the day keeps getting closer and closer. Will I bond instantly with him or will it take awhile? Will he be a fussy baby and if so will I be a good enough mom to handle it or will I cry along with him thinking I can't do this? Will I give hubs the attention that he needs so he knows that he still an important part of this family? Will I loose the baby weight fast or slow? Will I ever get 6 hours of sleep in or are those days behind me?

Do you see what my mind is going through? And this is just a quarter of it...I haven't touched on the work aspect...no wonder I can't sleep!

I am getting very anxious to meet the Little Guy. I daily tell him that I am so excited to see him and love on him. Every morning on my way to work he moves and we have a nice mother/son bonding moment. He will either love car rides with his mom or dread them because I will want to talk. My MIL said that when hubs was in highschool, that is the only time that she could have a true heart to heart with him (driving him to school). Now I know why hubs doesn't like to go on long car rides! Just kidding.

I have had two wonderful showers with family and friends and feel completely blessed that they all are sharing in our joy. It's amazing what a new baby can do to people...I think it is a little reminder of how awesome God really is and what a blessing He is given to us. Now it is up to us to nuture this blessing and bring him up the way God intended.