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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

good bye twenties! Hello THIRTIES!

I have officially entered my thirties. I have been in my 30's for approximately 12 days and really it's not that bad. I really thought that I would have a rough time with it. I mean my 20's were great. I graduated college, I got my first REAL job, got engaged, got married, bought our first house, got my second REAL job, added a member to our family, got my THIRD real job. I was busy!
So you may be asking, what did I do to celebrate this blessed event. Well nothing (nothing on the actual day, but I did have a party, which I still need to blog about). I had informed hubs that I DID NOT want a party. Instead of spending money on a party, I wanted to go on a trip. So hubs listened and planned a trip for my sister and my mom in March. Next week I will be leaving for Sunny Florida and I CAN NOT wait. I am sure I will have plenty of stories, especially since I have not vacationed with my sister or my mom in oh let's say 15+ years. My sister has not been out of the state of Missouri since we were kids, let alone leave her own children in the trusted care of her wonderful husband (except to pop out another child), nor has she been on a plane. Oh Lord, help us all. My mom whom is a little high strung (sorry mom, but it is true) has traveled, but is known for her accidents with BIG trucks (I promise this is for another post). So here in about a week, the J girls will be traveling away from home on a wonderful adventure. Please pray...I mean, none of us have a sense of direction. I am hoping for a GPS system in our rental car or we could end up in Georgia or New York. I can't ride, because I get car sick VERY easily, so I will be driving. But I have a huge fear of bridges, so me driving over a bridge is not fun. My knuckles turn white, the steering wheel will have indentations where my hands have gripped the wheel so hard. Sweat will pour out of my body, like I am running a marathon. I tell you what, great fun will be had by all. You wanna come!
But I do know I will enjoy the sun, the beach, the ocean and the quality time with my mom and sister (while missing my other sister too!).

Monday, February 12, 2007

Say what you want.

At what age can you say whatever you want? I only ask this, because about once a month I get the joy of taking my grandma to run errands. Last month, she called on a Thursday and this is how our conversation went:

G-maP: Hi Honey. It's grandma. Are you busy on Saturday?

Me: Well I have an appointment in the morning and then I am getting my hair colored. Why?

G-maP: What color?

Me: What?

G-maP: What color are you coloring your hair?

Me: Just my normal color, I need to hide those grays.

G-maP: That's good, you know your grandma doesn't like it when you color it like a leopard. Oh, you got that (the graying) from the J side of the family. If you were more like the A side, you wouldn't have to worry. Remember, I don't have gray yet.

Me: I know, it's no fun getting old.

G-maP: You know one time your cousin M decided to bleach her hair. Honey she had the most beautiful copper hair BEFORE she bleached it. After she bleached it she looked like a WH%RE!

Me: GRANDMA...that is not very nice.

G-maP: Well she did honey, and I would tell that to her tomorrow if I saw her.

The sad thing is that she would tell my cousin M!

At my grandpa's funeral (her ex-husband), she saw some old friends and said, "oh my, you have gained some weight haven't you?". I was mortified. But that has always been my grandma. She will tell you if she doesn't like a food that you brought to a family dinner, and heaven knows that she doesn't like CHOCOLATE CAKE. She tells everyone.

So with my birthday approaching, does this give me permission to say what I want? Like that has ever stopped me!