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Monday, February 12, 2007

Say what you want.

At what age can you say whatever you want? I only ask this, because about once a month I get the joy of taking my grandma to run errands. Last month, she called on a Thursday and this is how our conversation went:

G-maP: Hi Honey. It's grandma. Are you busy on Saturday?

Me: Well I have an appointment in the morning and then I am getting my hair colored. Why?

G-maP: What color?

Me: What?

G-maP: What color are you coloring your hair?

Me: Just my normal color, I need to hide those grays.

G-maP: That's good, you know your grandma doesn't like it when you color it like a leopard. Oh, you got that (the graying) from the J side of the family. If you were more like the A side, you wouldn't have to worry. Remember, I don't have gray yet.

Me: I know, it's no fun getting old.

G-maP: You know one time your cousin M decided to bleach her hair. Honey she had the most beautiful copper hair BEFORE she bleached it. After she bleached it she looked like a WH%RE!

Me: GRANDMA...that is not very nice.

G-maP: Well she did honey, and I would tell that to her tomorrow if I saw her.

The sad thing is that she would tell my cousin M!

At my grandpa's funeral (her ex-husband), she saw some old friends and said, "oh my, you have gained some weight haven't you?". I was mortified. But that has always been my grandma. She will tell you if she doesn't like a food that you brought to a family dinner, and heaven knows that she doesn't like CHOCOLATE CAKE. She tells everyone.

So with my birthday approaching, does this give me permission to say what I want? Like that has ever stopped me!

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