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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

6 Weird Things

So I need to come up with 6 weird things about me...it may be difficult, but I am sure that I can find a few.

1-I have to have my pre-selects on my car radio in numeric order. It drives me CRAZY to be in hub's car and his are in order of preference. No, no, no. I need mine in numeric order, even on FM2. I removed a station the other day b/c it went to all sports (like I would even listen to that!). I had to rearrange my entire pre-selects.

2-I wear socks/flip flops around my house year round. Can not stand to have my feet on a bare floor. You never know what you will step on. I prefer my pigs to be nice and snuggly in their little socks! But I CAN NOT sleep with socks on.

3-I have to check the alarm clock time every night. I don't know if I think someone is going to come in the middle of the day and change the alarm times, but I check them twice every night. I say "them" because we have dual alarms.

4-I have to gas up my car every Sunday. (Correction, I try to make my husband gas up my car every Sunday. ) This way, I won't have the issue that Lori had. :-) But I am serious, I gas up on Sundays, therefore I don't have to worry about it during the week.

5-I am a news junkie. I have to watch the news in the morning while I am getting ready, read CNN.com once I get to work and during my lunch, as well as the local paper on-line, and I watch the news before I go to bed. I will even watch the local news in other cities when I am traveling. I am an addict to the news.

6-I get very cranky if I fall asleep with the TV on and wake up to hear it. I mean, cranky does not even begin to describe. I will throw a fit if this happens. This is why we have a sleep timer on our bedroom TV. This causes issues when traveling b/c some hotels don't have sleep timers on their TV's and I can't fall asleep without watching a little TV.

Well there you have it, 6 Weird things about me. It was a struggle, but I came up with them!


Lori said...
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Lori said...

I just found the sleep timer on my TV in the bedroom just last week when hubs was out of town... loved it!!

I laugh at your weirdness - I too am a news junkie!

Love your blog!!