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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Am I really a momma?

Last week at this time, I was in the hospital. I can't believe it has been a week since our little guy has joined our family. What a week it has been too! How can it be that you have about 9 (10) months to prepare for a child, but you never really feel prepared? Why is it that you have about 632 emotions at once in your body and you have no control over them? Why are nights the hardest and most emotional? And why does hubs have to leave me and go back to work tomorrow?!
In all honesty, things are good. I think the questions above are somewhat normal...and if they are not, please don't say a word!
When people ask how we are doing, I say adjusting. I think that is the appropriate word. Things are not bad, things are not GREAT. By that I mean, I feel that I worry way too much. Is he getting enough to eat? Is he sleeping too much? Why hasn't he poo'd in 24 hours? Should I call the doctor AGAIN? All new momma worries.
But oh how I truly love the little guy. My heart is so much bigger with the love that I have for him.
I will share more later, but it is true, I am a momma to the most beautiful little boy EVER!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Penny for your thoughts...

I feel that we are in the final count downs before the Little Guy joins us. So many things are going through my head as the day keeps getting closer and closer. Will I bond instantly with him or will it take awhile? Will he be a fussy baby and if so will I be a good enough mom to handle it or will I cry along with him thinking I can't do this? Will I give hubs the attention that he needs so he knows that he still an important part of this family? Will I loose the baby weight fast or slow? Will I ever get 6 hours of sleep in or are those days behind me?

Do you see what my mind is going through? And this is just a quarter of it...I haven't touched on the work aspect...no wonder I can't sleep!

I am getting very anxious to meet the Little Guy. I daily tell him that I am so excited to see him and love on him. Every morning on my way to work he moves and we have a nice mother/son bonding moment. He will either love car rides with his mom or dread them because I will want to talk. My MIL said that when hubs was in highschool, that is the only time that she could have a true heart to heart with him (driving him to school). Now I know why hubs doesn't like to go on long car rides! Just kidding.

I have had two wonderful showers with family and friends and feel completely blessed that they all are sharing in our joy. It's amazing what a new baby can do to people...I think it is a little reminder of how awesome God really is and what a blessing He is given to us. Now it is up to us to nuture this blessing and bring him up the way God intended.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Tums, cars, and cankles...

Oh my, what a week last week.

We are now the proud owners of a new (to us) 4 door car. My 2 door little car is on the market and will hopefully find a good home soon. I in the meantime got upgraded to the nicer of the two vehicles, while hubs has been downgraded (in his mind I am sure) to a 4 cylinder. I told him that it was in our marriage vows that the Momma always gets the nicer car.

Car shopping is not my favorite thing to do. Hubs has been searching on line for well over 3 months for a car. He has read consumer reports on every car/model/year. We were definitely going to get a car that would last. So as we started to seriously search, we found our new little gem. We didn't have to haggle too much and we know that it is a good car.

This past weekend was my first baby shower. My MIL and hubs aunt hosted it for family and it was so nice. There were about 20 or so family members there and it was nice to see both sides of the family together. We were all there celebrating the soon to be little one that will be here before we know it.

I have been feeling okay. The third trimester is in full swing and the heat is starting to take it's toll on me and my feet/ankles. I can no longer wear the trendy heels with the pointy toes. Beautiful flip flops are my feet's desire. The rings no longer fit over my knuckles and I never knew that heartburn could be caused by simply inhaling air (okay, I am exaggerating, but I sure feel like that!). I don't feel miserable, just a little uncomfortable.

Sleeping for a solid 8 hours is no longer in my schedule. I really think it is God's way of preparing me for the baby, as from what I hear, babies don't sleep a solid 8 hours! :-)

While I might be uncomfortable, I sure do enjoy feeling him move. I love the earthquake that he causes in my tummy and get worried if I don't feel him up and at him before 10 a.m.!

I guess my worries are just beginning huh?

Monday, August 13, 2007


This is a word that I feel that is forgotten.

I had the honor of witnessing a very respectful gesture today and was in awe. I am sure that you all have heard of the Patriot Guard Riders. Well today I got to witness what a respectful group this is. My office is next to a funeral home. A 21 year old soldier's service was today. Around 8:45 this morning, I saw about 15 or so motorcycles drive to the funeral home. Not 15 minutes later, I saw at the corner of our building a group of 7 people gathering to protest. I am not going to spend anytime naming these individuals, but they showed up for their 45 minutes of shame.

Anyway, I went outside and looked towards the funeral home and there outside the funeral home was about 40 men/women holding flags and standing "guard" out of respect for the soldier and his family. What a sight. It brought tears to my eyes and chills down my spine. These Patriot Riders take their mission seriously and they know what the word RESPECT means. I was amazed that at the end of the service, they led the procession and it was such an awesome sight. Although it does not bring this soldier back, I hope that his family knows how much we appreciate their sons/relatives service fighting for our country.

You don't have to agree with the war, but you can have respect for others, especially our soldiers and our veterans.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Holy Butter Toes!

While I am thoroughly enjoying being pregnant, there are a few things that I am trying to get used to. For instance, I was warned about PB, aka Placenta/Pregnancy Brain. I truly believe that this little life inside me is sucking my brain cells one by one and from what I hear, I don't get them back after delivery. For instance...a few nights ago I washed my hair with my conditioner. Mind you, my shampoo is in a bottle and my conditioner is in a tube. I could not for life of me figure out what my shampoo was not lathering. Either that same night or the next, I was warming up my dinner and looked in the microwave to see if my dinner was bubbling and to my surprise, the microwave was empty. Running at full power, but my dinner was no where to be seen. I then looked, and there sitting on TOP of the microwave was my dinner. Patiently waiting for it's turn. I could not stop laughing at myself. Hubs looked at me like I had gone to the nut house or else I should be on my way there.

Another fun thing that I deal with daily is my gracefulness or lack thereof. I daily will catch myself in mid stumble. I will bump into walls. But the other day takes the cake or maybe I should say bread. I went to lunch with my MIL at Sweet Tomatoes. I was getting some butter (reall butter, none of that fake stuff) and proceeding to drop the entire cup of softened room temperature butter on my toes! Do you know what room temp butter does when you drop it? It goes splat. I had butter all over my toe and my cute sandles. I broke out in a laughter until one gentleman thought he would be Mr Funny Guy and asked "are buttered toes the new trend?" I wanted to say "no but, buttered you-know-whats are". I just politely smiled and laughed. My MIL was a gem and helped my wipe the butter off my toes because leaning over these days for extended periods of time could case this pregnant lady to pass out.
Last night I went grocery shopping and decided it would be fun if I rammed my heel into an end cap. I didn't think it was that bad, until someone stopped me and said "Ma'am did you know your heel is bleeding?" I look back and there are little dots of blood on the aisle that I just walked down and sure enough blood was trickling down my foot onto my pink flip flop.

Just call me Graceful Butter Toes!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Guess what I did on Friday night? I played golf with my husband. Even though it was mid July, the weather was just right and I wanted to enjoy and evening with my husband.

Yep, that is me on the course. Don't I look like Tiger? I mean come on, a pregnant girl can only do so much with her outfit. Tank tops are my best friends these days, and aren't you just diggin the pig tails with the visor?

I started golfing (okay, attempting to golf) about 2 years ago. Hubs was really into it and I thought I should try to learn so we can spend some time together. In fact for our 1 year anniversary I was his caddy while he played. No we didn't ride, we walked and I carried his bag. Until about the 4th hole and then I was too tired! I especially liked getting into golf, because it gave me an excuse to buy new clothes. There are some really cute golf clothes out there and whenever I can shop and hubs was supporting it, then heck yeah I am going to learn!

Last night we only played 9 holes and we rode. There was no way this 6 month pregnant lady was going to walk. By like the 3rd hole, my ankles and calves united into one (better known as cankles). My game was not bad, however, I would NOT classify it as good either. But I didn't care. I was glad to spend a wonderful evening with my husband. There is just something about a golf course on a cool summer evening...so peaceful and I was just enjoying the moment.

Supposedly the 7th month is best time to golf, as your stance is perfect and so is your balance. I don't think adding extra pounds to by belly is going to help my game that much. I would have to be good to start with!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Oh sweet baby girl

This is the year of the babies. No, no one has officially declared that, but I am. I must be "at that age". You know when you got married, your older friends said "you are at that age". Now we have moved into the next phase and babies, babies, babies everywhere. I had 2 friends deliver in February. A highschool friend in June, my roommate from college just last week. Another friend is due in August, another in September and then I loose track, because I am the next one! The funny thing is out of the 7 babies (including me) only 2 are boys (one is mine).

So my dear friend LouLou had a sweet baby girl last week. She had to have a c-section, but mom and baby are doing just fine. I had the privilege of visiting her today and oh that baby is so sweet. I breathed in her sweet baby aroma...you know that new baby smell. I took her sockies off to look at her precious little pigs. Boy were those feet long! But still so precious. I kissed her tiny little ears that get all scrunched up. I definitely have the baby bug. It's a good thing I am cooking one! I can't wait till he gets here. Actually I can, because we need a room for him!

On another note...not totally unrelated, I can not find baby bedding that I like. Scratch that, I can find some that I like, I am just not willing to shell out $250-500 for the baby bedding. Call me cheap, but come on, he is not going to be using it till he goes to college. I purchased one, but when it came in, the colors were not at all what the picture looked like. So I have to send it back. I am being very picky about it. I don't want babyish. I want cute, but classy. Hubs is ready to start sewing one himself, as he is ready to paint. Not ready, as he hates to paint, but he just wants to get it done. So the search continues.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Barefoot and...

I bet you thought I was going to say PREGNANT?

Fooled ya! Barefoot and RUNNING. For the past 6 months I have told hubs about a man that runs barefoot by my work. Yes, we are in June and I have seen him running barefoot in January and February. Hubs didn't believe me. He thought once again, my wife is a nut.

So this week, he had a doctor's appointment over by my work. (Side note, a doctor's appointment that turned out to be a donation of our co pay, b/c the doctor did not tell him anything about his ear, that we didn't already know). Anyway, he calls me when he is leaving the doctor's office and says "Barefoot runner". I said "What? You saw him?" Hubs had just seen this man that I have been wondering about for 6 months. He finally saw him and said he couldn't believe it.

So Mr. Barefoot Runner, I have a few questions:

1. Why? I mean, of all the shoe company's out there, you can't find a shoe that fits your foot like a glove?
2. Are you married? No, I am not interested. I am just wondering what your wife thinks. When you get home from running do you clean those pigs? I bet they are filthy!
3. What made you start running on STREETS (hot asphalt) without shoes? Did you just decide one day to take your shoes off while running and liked the feeling of your feet on hot/cold/wet/sandy pavement?
4. Men's feet are gnarly anyway, doesn't this make your's worse? Are the soles of your feet just raw?
5. What is the oddest thing you have ever stepped on?

If you know barefoot runner out there, please ask him these questions and let me know the answers. Enquiring minds want to know.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I've got a Secret!

That's right...a secret. Sshh!

I have a confession. I am very picky about my deodorant. I don't mean I prefer one deodorant over another, I mean I have used the same deodorant for the past oh let's say 10 years. I don't like to sweat. I don't like to have the sweat marks on any cute little shirt, I don't like to feel that I am going to sweat. I just don't like to sweat. So a friend of mine several years back recommended a deodorant to try. It was a roll on. Which by the way I was NEVER a fan of. You can only get it at a cosmetic studio and it costs about $8-10/a bottle. Now that is expensive stuff to not make a girl sweat. But it would last a long time and it had no scent. Which is a must in the deo department. No scent.

Well a month or so ago, I saw a commercial regarding Secret Clinical Strength anti-perspirant/deodorant. I thought, hmmm I wonder if I should stray from my trusty little roll on and cheat. So when I was at target a few weeks ago, I looked and saw that it only cost $7.95. While it was not a huge savings on what I was spending on my current selection, it was more convenient to buy. So I thought what the heck, why not. It came in a box, so I couldn't wait to get home and try it. I got home and inside was a regular stick of deodorant as well as a pamphlet on how to use it (um, just glide it on the pits?!). But no, it suggests that you put this on every NIGHT before you go to bed. WHAT? I am a shower at night type of girl, so I thought this will be just part of my routine at night (I know you are wondering, she doesn't put on deodorant at night after a shower? To that I say NO. It's not like I am sleeping in the tropics...I sleep in a house where we keep the thermostat on 68 degrees at night). Anyway I digress.

So I started to the new apply deodorant at night. The instruction booklet said that you can put some more on in the morning, but that most people don't need to. I have tried it both ways, and I have noticed that if I am in a pretty active environment, applying the second application in the mornings is beneficial, but the once at night for an average day at work is sufficient.

I hate to admit it, but I actually really like this stuff. I NEVER thought I would say that about another deodorant, but by golly, I think my old stand by has competition. I like the fact that I can buy my secret at a regular store with all my other necessities. I haven't decided if it lasts the same, longer, or shorter as far as replacements.

But I must say, this stuff is GREAT. Try it...you won't be disappointed in my new SECRET.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

80 Years

My grandma turns 80 today. We celebrated yesterday with surprise party for her. I was the one in charge of getting her to the place. I lied to my grandma. Can you believe it? Telling a lie is bad enough, but to tell several to your grandma...come on now.

My grandma is a wonderful woman. She is so strong. A God follower and a true believer.

Below are some random things that I remember about my grandma.

When my grandpa was in ICU one time, there was another family there that was losing a loved one. The son or grandson was having a difficult time with the loss and collapsed in tears outside of the ICU waiting room. My grandma went over to him, held him in her arms and prayed for him right there. She didn't know if he was a believer, she didn't care. She knew that he needed a shoulder to cry on and someone to pray for him. That is is the kind of caring heart that I desire to have.

When we would stay at my grandma's house, she would fix us cereal for breakfast. It was Total cereal with half and half and a little bit of milk. It was so good. Years later, I tried it but it somehow didn't taste the same.

When I was younger (6 or so), I used to go and watch my grandma play softball. How awesome is that to have a grandma play softball! Too bad I didn't inherit those genes. I unfortunately don't have an athletic bone in my body.

My grandma is covered in freckles. When I was little and sat next to her in church, I would try to count all the freckles. After about 100 on just her arm, I gave up.

When my grandma has a rough day or is feeling kind of down, she drinks sparkling apple juice out of one her many goblets. She loves glassware and she said drinking things out of nice glasses always make you feel better.

When I was in college and I would come home for a visit she would always slip me a $20 bill. The only condition was that I was not to tell my grandpa or my parents. And she told me that if my grandpa gave me money, to take it and not say a word about what she gave me. To this day, the secret is safe with me...and of course you internets.

My grandma has her quiet time every morning at their small 2 person kitchen table. When we would stay with her, I would remember getting up in the mornings and there she was drinking her coffee and getting into God's word. I want that. My morning quiet times have been consisting of me laying in bed and praying. I am going to work on my quiet times.

My grandma is a devoted wife. A year or so ago, my grandparents moved in with my parents in a downstairs basement. By the next day, my grandpa was so upset and depressed that they decided to move back home. I called my grandma and I was crying. I knew how much SHE wanted to be there, but because of her love for my grandpa, she was willing to put away her wants and devote herself to his needs. She told me to stop crying and that she was fine and for right now she needed to be with my grandpa and make him happy. We can all learn from that. Sometime we need to put aside our selfish thoughts and do what's right for our husbands.

I could go on and on about my grandma. She is a wonderful woman, whom I love very much. Although I know our time on earth together is limited, I can be assured that I will be seeing her in heaven when we are apart.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

2 weeks and a baby boy

Bed rest. I never thought I would hear those words. But yes, that is what the doctor said. His exact words were moderated bed rest (meaning no, you don't have to be in the hospital, but you can get up to go to the bathroom and get up to eat. Other than that, get comfortable on the couch or in bed.
Now, let me first tell you that I was so consumed with fear about our little baby, that I could care less about bed rest. I was worried sick. Hubs was worried sick. But our worries were calmed when we saw our little guy on the ultrasound and he looked as happy as a clam inside his mommy's tummy. When the sonographer asked if we wanted to know what it was, I knew immediately is was a boy. Otherwise why would she ask?! We all know that a boy is clearly defined by his...well you know. And if she could see it already, then dad had something to be very proud of. So it was confirmed out little pumpkin is a BOY. And both mommy and daddy are elated.
Bed rest was not THAT bad. I admit the first week was rough. I also had been a little too optimistic that the doctor would release me after one week. I learned my lesson the hard way, being optimistic is good, but you still have to live in reality. The reality was that things were still not 100% and another week was in store for me. Let's just say, I had a hormonal break down the next morning when Hubs called and simply asked "How are you doing?". Why oh why did he have to utter that question? I was bawling and he thought he needed to come home right away, until I explained to him I didn't know what I was crying about. Then he chalked it up to a hormonal outburst and sent me loving text messages throughout the day (to check my sanity). My MIL brought over an article on how to deal with bedrest and there was one thing that stuck out and got me through this last week. I had to look at this as my new job. My new job was to grow a baby and that was it. So laying in bed for another week was just another week that I got to relax and grow a baby. I read that and I had a different outlook on things. So my spirits were a lot better.
Having 2 weeks off flew by. While I still thought about work, I also got to reflect on what matters the most. Faith. Hubs and I prayed non stop through all of this. I had people I probably don't know praying for me and our little guy. Family. My family stepped in and brought meals and my mom even came and picked me up on Friday and took me to her house to lay on the couch for a change of scenary. My husband was WONDERFUL. He took off the first two days and stayed with me. He went to the grocery store, did laundry, cleaned the house and boiled water (we were under a boil order in our town for the first two days of my bed rest). Friends. My friends called me as soon as they found out, offered prayers, support and just a listening ear. My dear friend Lori and Janna brought over a survival bag that included the most important of things: 3 magazines, a book, a movie, candy and popcorn. What more did a girl need? That is true friendship, when you have friends know that you still need to keep updated on the latest scrapbooking ideas, fashion, and celebrity gossip. As well as eat some low fat snacks! Thanks girls!
All in all the last 2 weeks weren't horrible. They were tollerable. I of course wouldn't want to do it again, but God knows why he put me there. So if he chooses to again, then I will take it in stride and be thankful.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Four GREAT Years...

Wow, I just realized that I haven't blogged anything for almost 2 months. No my life is not that boring that I don't have ANYTHING to write about, I guess I kind of forget and think I should be doing other things. Like what? I don't know, but it sounded like a good excuse.

Today is hubs and I 4 year anniversary. Can you believe it? To think that 4 years ago, Lori was gazing at my half naked husband! :-)

So let me go back to that very special day. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was beautiful. It was rainy and cloudy the day before, but the day of the wedding I awoke to the sun shining. But I first must back up a little.

About a week before I got married, I started getting a sore throat. Oh I knew what was coming...I was getting a sinus infection and I could tell this one was going to be a doozy. I went to the allergist and he thought it was just a cold...plus, "you are going to Mexico for your honeymoon, I am sure you kind find any sort of antibiotics down there..." His exact words, not mine. So I left feeling miserable. Come Wednesday, my last day of work until after the honeymoon, I was starting to lose my voice. I think I had a melt down that week, the kind of melt down where your mom asks if you are okay and you turn into a blubbering mess. I think the stress of work, making sure everything was getting done for the wedding and my sinus infection had taken a toll on me. But I digress...

So I was loosing my voice and felt HORRIBLE. But I could not wait to get married and be with my husband. Hubs and I knew each other for about 10 years before we finally decided we should date. I will tell that story later. At our rehearsal, I couldn't even speak to thank everyone for coming, hubs had to and if you know him, public speaking is NOT his favorite thing to do.

The morning of our wedding, I awoke at my mom's house, as I had moved back in with them (only the second time) in September. My mom had breakfast ready and my roommates from college came over as well as my sisters and we had a nice breakfast. Then off to get my hair done and then the whirlwind of events leading up to our wedding. My dear friend Les, rescued my day by dealing with a cake catastrophe and she was so good at not letting me in on what the real issue was. I was so glad to be surrounding my such wonderful people. Lori did a GREAT job at coordinating everything and the wedding went off without a hitch. I can still remember walking down the aisle and looking at Kyle. I don't think my smile could be any bigger...in fact after the ceremony and greeting people, my cheeks hurt!

I am so blessed to have a God loving husband, who cares for me and loves me for who I am. God completely put us together and I am blessed to have hubs in my life.

So Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband of 4 years. I look forward to many, many more together.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

good bye twenties! Hello THIRTIES!

I have officially entered my thirties. I have been in my 30's for approximately 12 days and really it's not that bad. I really thought that I would have a rough time with it. I mean my 20's were great. I graduated college, I got my first REAL job, got engaged, got married, bought our first house, got my second REAL job, added a member to our family, got my THIRD real job. I was busy!
So you may be asking, what did I do to celebrate this blessed event. Well nothing (nothing on the actual day, but I did have a party, which I still need to blog about). I had informed hubs that I DID NOT want a party. Instead of spending money on a party, I wanted to go on a trip. So hubs listened and planned a trip for my sister and my mom in March. Next week I will be leaving for Sunny Florida and I CAN NOT wait. I am sure I will have plenty of stories, especially since I have not vacationed with my sister or my mom in oh let's say 15+ years. My sister has not been out of the state of Missouri since we were kids, let alone leave her own children in the trusted care of her wonderful husband (except to pop out another child), nor has she been on a plane. Oh Lord, help us all. My mom whom is a little high strung (sorry mom, but it is true) has traveled, but is known for her accidents with BIG trucks (I promise this is for another post). So here in about a week, the J girls will be traveling away from home on a wonderful adventure. Please pray...I mean, none of us have a sense of direction. I am hoping for a GPS system in our rental car or we could end up in Georgia or New York. I can't ride, because I get car sick VERY easily, so I will be driving. But I have a huge fear of bridges, so me driving over a bridge is not fun. My knuckles turn white, the steering wheel will have indentations where my hands have gripped the wheel so hard. Sweat will pour out of my body, like I am running a marathon. I tell you what, great fun will be had by all. You wanna come!
But I do know I will enjoy the sun, the beach, the ocean and the quality time with my mom and sister (while missing my other sister too!).

Monday, February 12, 2007

Say what you want.

At what age can you say whatever you want? I only ask this, because about once a month I get the joy of taking my grandma to run errands. Last month, she called on a Thursday and this is how our conversation went:

G-maP: Hi Honey. It's grandma. Are you busy on Saturday?

Me: Well I have an appointment in the morning and then I am getting my hair colored. Why?

G-maP: What color?

Me: What?

G-maP: What color are you coloring your hair?

Me: Just my normal color, I need to hide those grays.

G-maP: That's good, you know your grandma doesn't like it when you color it like a leopard. Oh, you got that (the graying) from the J side of the family. If you were more like the A side, you wouldn't have to worry. Remember, I don't have gray yet.

Me: I know, it's no fun getting old.

G-maP: You know one time your cousin M decided to bleach her hair. Honey she had the most beautiful copper hair BEFORE she bleached it. After she bleached it she looked like a WH%RE!

Me: GRANDMA...that is not very nice.

G-maP: Well she did honey, and I would tell that to her tomorrow if I saw her.

The sad thing is that she would tell my cousin M!

At my grandpa's funeral (her ex-husband), she saw some old friends and said, "oh my, you have gained some weight haven't you?". I was mortified. But that has always been my grandma. She will tell you if she doesn't like a food that you brought to a family dinner, and heaven knows that she doesn't like CHOCOLATE CAKE. She tells everyone.

So with my birthday approaching, does this give me permission to say what I want? Like that has ever stopped me!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

6 Weird Things

So I need to come up with 6 weird things about me...it may be difficult, but I am sure that I can find a few.

1-I have to have my pre-selects on my car radio in numeric order. It drives me CRAZY to be in hub's car and his are in order of preference. No, no, no. I need mine in numeric order, even on FM2. I removed a station the other day b/c it went to all sports (like I would even listen to that!). I had to rearrange my entire pre-selects.

2-I wear socks/flip flops around my house year round. Can not stand to have my feet on a bare floor. You never know what you will step on. I prefer my pigs to be nice and snuggly in their little socks! But I CAN NOT sleep with socks on.

3-I have to check the alarm clock time every night. I don't know if I think someone is going to come in the middle of the day and change the alarm times, but I check them twice every night. I say "them" because we have dual alarms.

4-I have to gas up my car every Sunday. (Correction, I try to make my husband gas up my car every Sunday. ) This way, I won't have the issue that Lori had. :-) But I am serious, I gas up on Sundays, therefore I don't have to worry about it during the week.

5-I am a news junkie. I have to watch the news in the morning while I am getting ready, read CNN.com once I get to work and during my lunch, as well as the local paper on-line, and I watch the news before I go to bed. I will even watch the local news in other cities when I am traveling. I am an addict to the news.

6-I get very cranky if I fall asleep with the TV on and wake up to hear it. I mean, cranky does not even begin to describe. I will throw a fit if this happens. This is why we have a sleep timer on our bedroom TV. This causes issues when traveling b/c some hotels don't have sleep timers on their TV's and I can't fall asleep without watching a little TV.

Well there you have it, 6 Weird things about me. It was a struggle, but I came up with them!