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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Oh sweet baby girl

This is the year of the babies. No, no one has officially declared that, but I am. I must be "at that age". You know when you got married, your older friends said "you are at that age". Now we have moved into the next phase and babies, babies, babies everywhere. I had 2 friends deliver in February. A highschool friend in June, my roommate from college just last week. Another friend is due in August, another in September and then I loose track, because I am the next one! The funny thing is out of the 7 babies (including me) only 2 are boys (one is mine).

So my dear friend LouLou had a sweet baby girl last week. She had to have a c-section, but mom and baby are doing just fine. I had the privilege of visiting her today and oh that baby is so sweet. I breathed in her sweet baby aroma...you know that new baby smell. I took her sockies off to look at her precious little pigs. Boy were those feet long! But still so precious. I kissed her tiny little ears that get all scrunched up. I definitely have the baby bug. It's a good thing I am cooking one! I can't wait till he gets here. Actually I can, because we need a room for him!

On another note...not totally unrelated, I can not find baby bedding that I like. Scratch that, I can find some that I like, I am just not willing to shell out $250-500 for the baby bedding. Call me cheap, but come on, he is not going to be using it till he goes to college. I purchased one, but when it came in, the colors were not at all what the picture looked like. So I have to send it back. I am being very picky about it. I don't want babyish. I want cute, but classy. Hubs is ready to start sewing one himself, as he is ready to paint. Not ready, as he hates to paint, but he just wants to get it done. So the search continues.


Lori said...

Awww - how sweet to hold a newborn baby... and to smell their sweet smell!

Hope you find the bedding soon... I can imagine that Kyle is chomping at the bit!

Anonymous said...

it sure is funny how it goes in "seasons". The year we got married, we had eight weddings that season! Now most of my friends are just finishing up with baby making.


oh - and go check out my site. it is your lucky day! :)