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Saturday, July 21, 2007


Guess what I did on Friday night? I played golf with my husband. Even though it was mid July, the weather was just right and I wanted to enjoy and evening with my husband.

Yep, that is me on the course. Don't I look like Tiger? I mean come on, a pregnant girl can only do so much with her outfit. Tank tops are my best friends these days, and aren't you just diggin the pig tails with the visor?

I started golfing (okay, attempting to golf) about 2 years ago. Hubs was really into it and I thought I should try to learn so we can spend some time together. In fact for our 1 year anniversary I was his caddy while he played. No we didn't ride, we walked and I carried his bag. Until about the 4th hole and then I was too tired! I especially liked getting into golf, because it gave me an excuse to buy new clothes. There are some really cute golf clothes out there and whenever I can shop and hubs was supporting it, then heck yeah I am going to learn!

Last night we only played 9 holes and we rode. There was no way this 6 month pregnant lady was going to walk. By like the 3rd hole, my ankles and calves united into one (better known as cankles). My game was not bad, however, I would NOT classify it as good either. But I didn't care. I was glad to spend a wonderful evening with my husband. There is just something about a golf course on a cool summer evening...so peaceful and I was just enjoying the moment.

Supposedly the 7th month is best time to golf, as your stance is perfect and so is your balance. I don't think adding extra pounds to by belly is going to help my game that much. I would have to be good to start with!


Lori said...

Look at how cute you are with your little tummy bump! Did Kyle treat you to a lemonade after the game? I'm glad you both had a great night golfing.

Faerylandmom said...

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that you are the winner of the "Natural Impressions" Creative Memories Kit from my Dog Days giveaway!

Please contact me with your mailing address at faerylandmom [at] gmail [dot] com within 7 days, so I can ship that out to you.