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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Holy Butter Toes!

While I am thoroughly enjoying being pregnant, there are a few things that I am trying to get used to. For instance, I was warned about PB, aka Placenta/Pregnancy Brain. I truly believe that this little life inside me is sucking my brain cells one by one and from what I hear, I don't get them back after delivery. For instance...a few nights ago I washed my hair with my conditioner. Mind you, my shampoo is in a bottle and my conditioner is in a tube. I could not for life of me figure out what my shampoo was not lathering. Either that same night or the next, I was warming up my dinner and looked in the microwave to see if my dinner was bubbling and to my surprise, the microwave was empty. Running at full power, but my dinner was no where to be seen. I then looked, and there sitting on TOP of the microwave was my dinner. Patiently waiting for it's turn. I could not stop laughing at myself. Hubs looked at me like I had gone to the nut house or else I should be on my way there.

Another fun thing that I deal with daily is my gracefulness or lack thereof. I daily will catch myself in mid stumble. I will bump into walls. But the other day takes the cake or maybe I should say bread. I went to lunch with my MIL at Sweet Tomatoes. I was getting some butter (reall butter, none of that fake stuff) and proceeding to drop the entire cup of softened room temperature butter on my toes! Do you know what room temp butter does when you drop it? It goes splat. I had butter all over my toe and my cute sandles. I broke out in a laughter until one gentleman thought he would be Mr Funny Guy and asked "are buttered toes the new trend?" I wanted to say "no but, buttered you-know-whats are". I just politely smiled and laughed. My MIL was a gem and helped my wipe the butter off my toes because leaning over these days for extended periods of time could case this pregnant lady to pass out.
Last night I went grocery shopping and decided it would be fun if I rammed my heel into an end cap. I didn't think it was that bad, until someone stopped me and said "Ma'am did you know your heel is bleeding?" I look back and there are little dots of blood on the aisle that I just walked down and sure enough blood was trickling down my foot onto my pink flip flop.

Just call me Graceful Butter Toes!


Lori said...

Rach - be careful girl!! I fell when I was six months pregnant and had to hire a housekeeper to clean my house.

And now eight years later, you want me to give her $20 more bucks!

True - pregnancy brain is a never-ending cycle... enjoy!

Heather said...

Oh Rach, you have to be more careful.