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Monday, August 27, 2007

Tums, cars, and cankles...

Oh my, what a week last week.

We are now the proud owners of a new (to us) 4 door car. My 2 door little car is on the market and will hopefully find a good home soon. I in the meantime got upgraded to the nicer of the two vehicles, while hubs has been downgraded (in his mind I am sure) to a 4 cylinder. I told him that it was in our marriage vows that the Momma always gets the nicer car.

Car shopping is not my favorite thing to do. Hubs has been searching on line for well over 3 months for a car. He has read consumer reports on every car/model/year. We were definitely going to get a car that would last. So as we started to seriously search, we found our new little gem. We didn't have to haggle too much and we know that it is a good car.

This past weekend was my first baby shower. My MIL and hubs aunt hosted it for family and it was so nice. There were about 20 or so family members there and it was nice to see both sides of the family together. We were all there celebrating the soon to be little one that will be here before we know it.

I have been feeling okay. The third trimester is in full swing and the heat is starting to take it's toll on me and my feet/ankles. I can no longer wear the trendy heels with the pointy toes. Beautiful flip flops are my feet's desire. The rings no longer fit over my knuckles and I never knew that heartburn could be caused by simply inhaling air (okay, I am exaggerating, but I sure feel like that!). I don't feel miserable, just a little uncomfortable.

Sleeping for a solid 8 hours is no longer in my schedule. I really think it is God's way of preparing me for the baby, as from what I hear, babies don't sleep a solid 8 hours! :-)

While I might be uncomfortable, I sure do enjoy feeling him move. I love the earthquake that he causes in my tummy and get worried if I don't feel him up and at him before 10 a.m.!

I guess my worries are just beginning huh?


Lori said...

Tee Hee - You have a mommy car!

Guess what? You'll never get a solid 8 hours of sleep again... even when the baby starts sleeping through the night. That's the life of a mother... and a bad bladder!

Can't wait until your next shower!

Heather said...

Oh Rach! I really can't imagine you on less that 8 hours of sleep.
Hang in there... that little guy will be here before you know it!