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Sunday, June 10, 2007

80 Years

My grandma turns 80 today. We celebrated yesterday with surprise party for her. I was the one in charge of getting her to the place. I lied to my grandma. Can you believe it? Telling a lie is bad enough, but to tell several to your grandma...come on now.

My grandma is a wonderful woman. She is so strong. A God follower and a true believer.

Below are some random things that I remember about my grandma.

When my grandpa was in ICU one time, there was another family there that was losing a loved one. The son or grandson was having a difficult time with the loss and collapsed in tears outside of the ICU waiting room. My grandma went over to him, held him in her arms and prayed for him right there. She didn't know if he was a believer, she didn't care. She knew that he needed a shoulder to cry on and someone to pray for him. That is is the kind of caring heart that I desire to have.

When we would stay at my grandma's house, she would fix us cereal for breakfast. It was Total cereal with half and half and a little bit of milk. It was so good. Years later, I tried it but it somehow didn't taste the same.

When I was younger (6 or so), I used to go and watch my grandma play softball. How awesome is that to have a grandma play softball! Too bad I didn't inherit those genes. I unfortunately don't have an athletic bone in my body.

My grandma is covered in freckles. When I was little and sat next to her in church, I would try to count all the freckles. After about 100 on just her arm, I gave up.

When my grandma has a rough day or is feeling kind of down, she drinks sparkling apple juice out of one her many goblets. She loves glassware and she said drinking things out of nice glasses always make you feel better.

When I was in college and I would come home for a visit she would always slip me a $20 bill. The only condition was that I was not to tell my grandpa or my parents. And she told me that if my grandpa gave me money, to take it and not say a word about what she gave me. To this day, the secret is safe with me...and of course you internets.

My grandma has her quiet time every morning at their small 2 person kitchen table. When we would stay with her, I would remember getting up in the mornings and there she was drinking her coffee and getting into God's word. I want that. My morning quiet times have been consisting of me laying in bed and praying. I am going to work on my quiet times.

My grandma is a devoted wife. A year or so ago, my grandparents moved in with my parents in a downstairs basement. By the next day, my grandpa was so upset and depressed that they decided to move back home. I called my grandma and I was crying. I knew how much SHE wanted to be there, but because of her love for my grandpa, she was willing to put away her wants and devote herself to his needs. She told me to stop crying and that she was fine and for right now she needed to be with my grandpa and make him happy. We can all learn from that. Sometime we need to put aside our selfish thoughts and do what's right for our husbands.

I could go on and on about my grandma. She is a wonderful woman, whom I love very much. Although I know our time on earth together is limited, I can be assured that I will be seeing her in heaven when we are apart.

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