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Thursday, May 17, 2007

2 weeks and a baby boy

Bed rest. I never thought I would hear those words. But yes, that is what the doctor said. His exact words were moderated bed rest (meaning no, you don't have to be in the hospital, but you can get up to go to the bathroom and get up to eat. Other than that, get comfortable on the couch or in bed.
Now, let me first tell you that I was so consumed with fear about our little baby, that I could care less about bed rest. I was worried sick. Hubs was worried sick. But our worries were calmed when we saw our little guy on the ultrasound and he looked as happy as a clam inside his mommy's tummy. When the sonographer asked if we wanted to know what it was, I knew immediately is was a boy. Otherwise why would she ask?! We all know that a boy is clearly defined by his...well you know. And if she could see it already, then dad had something to be very proud of. So it was confirmed out little pumpkin is a BOY. And both mommy and daddy are elated.
Bed rest was not THAT bad. I admit the first week was rough. I also had been a little too optimistic that the doctor would release me after one week. I learned my lesson the hard way, being optimistic is good, but you still have to live in reality. The reality was that things were still not 100% and another week was in store for me. Let's just say, I had a hormonal break down the next morning when Hubs called and simply asked "How are you doing?". Why oh why did he have to utter that question? I was bawling and he thought he needed to come home right away, until I explained to him I didn't know what I was crying about. Then he chalked it up to a hormonal outburst and sent me loving text messages throughout the day (to check my sanity). My MIL brought over an article on how to deal with bedrest and there was one thing that stuck out and got me through this last week. I had to look at this as my new job. My new job was to grow a baby and that was it. So laying in bed for another week was just another week that I got to relax and grow a baby. I read that and I had a different outlook on things. So my spirits were a lot better.
Having 2 weeks off flew by. While I still thought about work, I also got to reflect on what matters the most. Faith. Hubs and I prayed non stop through all of this. I had people I probably don't know praying for me and our little guy. Family. My family stepped in and brought meals and my mom even came and picked me up on Friday and took me to her house to lay on the couch for a change of scenary. My husband was WONDERFUL. He took off the first two days and stayed with me. He went to the grocery store, did laundry, cleaned the house and boiled water (we were under a boil order in our town for the first two days of my bed rest). Friends. My friends called me as soon as they found out, offered prayers, support and just a listening ear. My dear friend Lori and Janna brought over a survival bag that included the most important of things: 3 magazines, a book, a movie, candy and popcorn. What more did a girl need? That is true friendship, when you have friends know that you still need to keep updated on the latest scrapbooking ideas, fashion, and celebrity gossip. As well as eat some low fat snacks! Thanks girls!
All in all the last 2 weeks weren't horrible. They were tollerable. I of course wouldn't want to do it again, but God knows why he put me there. So if he chooses to again, then I will take it in stride and be thankful.

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Lori said...

Oh - this is so sweet. And what a great article for Mary to bring to you - "growing a baby" - I love that! You are growing the most important love of your life right now... just relax and enjoy the ride!

1981 - I'm guessing you were 5?!